Foundation Certificate in Quranic Arabic



Course Summary

A six month part-time programme, for students above 16 years of age that seeks to provide a comprehensive and solid introduction to the Qur’anic Sciences. 5 Modules to be studied: Qur’anic Arabic; Tadabbur; Tafsir; Tajweed and Hifz; Ulum al Qur’an. Emphasis is placed throughout the course in learning the art of reading the Qur’an with understanding and personal application in daily life.

Course Dates

Starts Saturday 11th January 2014 to Saturday 7th June 2014


Saturdays 10am to 4.30pm

Contact Hours

6 hrs per week

Target Group

Adults and students above 16 years of age


Ability to read and write Qur’anic Arabic




6 months


British Muslim Heritage Centre, Manchester



Contact Name

Dr Riza Mohammed Mobile:07939919872

Contact Email


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Tuition & Assessment

All modules will be taught in English. Students will be formally assessed orally and by a written examination at end of the course. A certificate will be awarded to students.

Details of Modules

Tajweed & Hifz

(80hrs-2 hrs/wk)

This module is designed to teach students rules of tajweed (intonation); develop accuracy and fluency in recitation and enable students to memorise Qur’an with precision under supervision.

Qur’anic Arabic

(80 hrs-2 hrs/wk)

The module aims to provide basic grounding in Arabic grammar and syntax and Qur’anic vocabulary. It will train students in reading, comprehension and writing simple Arabic sentences and passages with the help of a dictionary.

‘Ulum al Qur’an

(25 hrs- 1 hr/wk)

The module aims to provide an overview of the key Islamic sources and texts of Islam: Quran and Sunnah, Seerah and Islamic Jurisprudence.

Tadabbur alQur’an

(15 hrs- 1 hr/wk)

The module aims to teach the pre-requisites of Qur’anic engagement and to provide a framework for a more enhanced Tadabbur (Qur’anic contemplation and reflection).

Tadabbur & Tafsir

(40 hrs-2 hrs/wk)

Study, reflection and application of lessons from 40 Qur’anic selections


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